Write for people and not SEO

People who offer search engine optimization (SEO) services usually won’t tell you to show your human side unless they are very good at what they do. They prefer that you prioritize getting all the right keywords into your content. On the other hand, ... Continue Reading »

Why Should a CPA Blog?

If you were looking to hire a CPA, you would probably seek recommendations from people that you trust. The most likely people to get advice from would be co-workers or associates who’ve hired a CPA. You would probably be most interested to learn ... Continue Reading »

Blogging in the Heating and Air Conditioning and Related Industries

Recently, Shortcut Blogging Co-founder, Paul Boomer, and I spoke at a convention where we were asked an interesting question, “Can blogging benefit the everyday, ordinary business?”  This was a very valid question and as we stood in front of 900 or ... Continue Reading »

Using Audio as a Writing Source

“The easiest content to repurpose is the spoken word.”  - Alex Mandossian Those words were spoken during a seminar I attended some years back, by Alex Mandossian, a well-known entity in internet marketing.  The spoken word is something we do all the ... Continue Reading »

Placing Emphasis on the True Expert in Podcasting

If you are someone who falls in the category of being a guru, a thought leader, or if you've created great content in the form of books or other material, you probably do possess the ability to just open up a microphone and instantly command ... Continue Reading »

Scripted Podcasts Lose Their Effectiveness

Scripted podcasts, where someone writes out their words and then reads them, might have more issues than just coming out as stilted. When you rely strictly on your own output, you run the risk of missing things; if you have someone serving as an ... Continue Reading »

Advantages to Blog Writing in Medical and Academic fields

When it comes to writing, most people in medical schools or academia, are primarily concerned with research and getting their works published in field-related publications. And that's great. But what happens when that article goes unnoticed by the ... Continue Reading »

Restate the Question: A Sticky Note Tip

This is the third in a series of videos that I'm calling "Sticky Note Tips" because the genesis for each video is a few words scrawled on a sticky note and stuck to my computer monitor. I finally ran out of room for sticky notes on my monitor and I ... Continue Reading »

Podcasting – The art of an interview

Speaking from firsthand experience, anyone who has ever conducted a podcast knows that it’s a lot of fun. It’s a great way to carry on an informative conversation, and through my podcasting experiences for my own website, I have made it a point to ... Continue Reading »

Should You Avoid the Grammar Nazis?

This week Paul and I discussed something that many people are not too fond of: those annoying Grammar Nazis.  You know the ones I mean, folks who take time to point out your booboos and mistakes that tend to crop up often in everyday language put to ... Continue Reading »