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Shortcut Blogging is a service created to help time-starved business owners, leaders and experts share their wisdom via blogging and podcasting. Our desire is to make the blogging and podcasting process as easy and hands-off as possible, while still getting the very best content from the expert.

Dave YoungWe built this company to serve our own needs after staring at our own computer monitors waiting for blog posts to magically appear.”
Dave Young

Paul BoomerThis company was built to help people who wear too many hats. They know blogging has a great deal of potential. They just don’t have the time.”
Paul Boomer

Paul Boomer and Dave Young are partners in the Wizard of Ads’ marketing and consulting group, founded by Roy H. Williams. Young is the author of Why We Blog, a why-to book on blogging published in 2004. Boomer is a self-taught expert on several different blogging systems, including the hugely popular WordPress platform.

Together, Paul and Dave have taught blogging classes at the famed Wizard Academy in Austin, TX as well as in other seminar sessions for budding authors and business owners. Both had careers in the radio industry before branching out to become independent consultants.

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