CEO and Business Owner Blogging

Hate to Write? No Time to Write? Let Us Do The Heavy Lifting

Hey there, top dog… you are the most qualified person to be the “voice” of the company. Like most C-Level executives, you got to where you are by your actions, not your words. Writing may not feel like productive work to you. You have the best stories; how the company was built, what holds it together and where it is headed.

If your marketing department hasn’t been nagging you about blogging, they should be. It’s important for you as a leader to communicate consistently, in your own voice, to keep your customers, employees… your “tribe” engaged with your brand.

We need just ONE HOUR of your time per month to get those stories written for you, by you, in your own writing voice.

You Talk. We Write.

We use Skype and a good USB microphone to connect you with one of our seasoned radio broadcasters. You’ll be interviewed just like you were on the radio. It’s a friendly interview on the topics of your choosing, not a 60-Minutes style ambush. BONUS: The microphone looks damn good on your desk. Better than one of those clicky-clack silver ball gizmos.

Plan your blog

1. Plan

Plan an entire year of blogging in 37 minutes, wiping out writer’s block.

Interview for your blog

2. Talk

NO WRITING. You’ll cover a month’s worth of blog topics in a single hour-long interview session.

We post your content for you

3. Relax

Focus on running your business while we turn your interviews into professionally edited blog content.

Designed with the CEO in Mind

Leaders just like you were the inspiration for this business. We knew our consulting clients would have a more effective web site if we could only get them to write. They were all too busy, so we asked them to talk. That changed everything.

What You Get

  • Credibility (Rock Star Status) with your peers
  • Planning tools so you never run out of topics
  • Weekly articles, written in YOUR OWN writing voice…not some ghostwriter
  • Re-purpose articles into emails, books, etc.
  • Better relationships with your customers, employees, constituent and donors
  • A great-sounding podcast that people can download on iTunes

Have a Question? Ready to Get Started?

Have questions? Give us a call at (888) 996-0660.