How to Convert More Blog Visitors

Bryan Eisenberg has been a friend for a dozen years now. He's the undisputed King of Conversion. Enjoy his slide show. How to convert more blog visitors from Bryan Eisenberg Oh...and have you tried out blog topic generation exercise? It will ... Continue Reading »

Your SEO strategy must change

Google has made many changes to their ranking algorithms over the past couple of years. As a result, search engine optimization (SEO) must either change or die. Every company wants to be the first result on Google searches. In the past, SEO ... Continue Reading »

Increase your credibility – Repurpose your blog posts into eBooks

One of the best indicators of a credible business owner is if they have published a book. I have a client in my marketing practice consultancy who has published a New York Times bestseller. We used to have people who were unfamiliar ... Continue Reading »

Write for people and not SEO

People who offer search engine optimization (SEO) services usually won’t tell you to show your human side unless they are very good at what they do. They prefer that you prioritize getting all the right keywords into your content. On the other hand, ... Continue Reading »

Overcome the Blogging for Business Challenge

Anybody that is a blogger should see themselves as a problem solver. The goal of just about any business is to solve a problem for their customers, regardless of the product or service. If you sell entertainment, physical products like boats, or in ... Continue Reading »

Why Should a CPA Blog?

If you were looking to hire a CPA, you would probably seek recommendations from people that you trust. The most likely people to get advice from would be co-workers or associates who’ve hired a CPA. You would probably be most interested to learn ... Continue Reading »

How to Come Up With Endless Blog Topics and Ideas

The core exercise that Shortcut Blogging was built around is a 45 minute outline session that helps you take topics about your business (especially the ones you don’t think are very good) and get them onto paper. After going through this exercise, ... Continue Reading »

Content Marketing for an Impulse Purchase

Impulse purchases have a lot in common with distressed purchases. Content marketing for both of them involves showing instead of telling, since they are short decision cycles. Impulse purchases are things that we may not think about long-term, but ... Continue Reading »

Content Marketing for Distressed Purchases

Marketers need to take into account the mode of purchase when beginning to look at potential marketing strategies. With distressed purchases, the price doesn’t really matter. These are things that we suddenly find ourselves buying that we had not ... Continue Reading »

Content Marketing for a Short Product Purchase Cycle

In our previous post about long product purchase cycles, we discussed how business owners often don’t take into account the purchase cycle of their product or service while developing their marketing strategy. This post will focus on short product ... Continue Reading »