Brand Managers

Create Fresh & Relevant Brand-Centric Content Effortlessly

Every brand has its heroes. Those heroes have terrific stories to tell, but most of them aren’t writers. Sometimes the brand just needs loads of content for web sites, social media, press releases and presentations. We’re here to help.

You may be in charge of the Brand, but there are likely many other people in your organization that have some valuable things to say about it. Have you ever tried to get an inventor, scientist, designer, engineer or other geeky insider to write marketing copy for you? How’d that turn out?

You Talk. We Write.

Instead of writing, you’re Brand Heroes will talk via Skype in a series of interviews with one of our professional radio broadcasters. First, we’ll help you generate a list of great topics. Then, we’ll cover 4 or 5 of your topics in a single monthly session OR produce it in big batches for you to populate a web site with content. Sit back and relax. We’ll edit the audio, transcribe it, re-write it in your company’s writing “style” and send you all the deliverables to re-purpose as you see fit.

Plan your blog

1. Plan

List out your SEO Link Bait, brand stories or email content in topics that can carry about 1,000 words.

Interview for your blog

2. Talk

NO WRITING. Your Brand Heroes will be talking with our interviewers.
We’ll cover 4-5 topics per session.

We post your content for you

3. Relax

Sit back and relax while we write.
We’ll deliver professionally edited articles and audio, on time.

Effortlessly Produce Batches of Content.

Most Brand Heroes are too busy inventing, tinkering and performing other heroic acts to sit down and help the marketing folks write the Brand Narrative. We can get their words out of their heads and into your hands.

What YOU Get

  • Professionals you can trust to produce relevant brand content
  • Content to re-purpose into emails, social media fodder, web pages and more
  • Efficient production – We can scale to batch dozens of pages of content in a few weeks
  • Deliverables include written articles, transcripts and professionally edited podcasts
  • Credit for finally getting Dr. Brandsweiger to write some marketing content