Identifying the Best Person for Blog Writing

Many organizations don’t really think about subject matter experts when starting down the road to social media and blogging. A lot of times the organization ends up hiring someone who doesn’t really know much about the product to contribute to the ... Continue Reading »

Should You Avoid the Grammar Nazis?

This week Paul and I discussed something that many people are not too fond of: those annoying Grammar Nazis.  You know the ones I mean, folks who take time to point out your booboos and mistakes that tend to crop up often in everyday language put to ... Continue Reading »

Content Marketing Idea Generation

Let’s say you own a business and you have a blog, or, maybe you’re a brand manager wanting to launch a new product. Perhaps you’ve had your blog for a while and you’re in need of fresh material for your clients or customers. Previously, you’ve ... Continue Reading »

Fast, Efficient Content Production

In this episode, we discuss how a few clients are using Shortcut Blogging as a content production tool in ways that we didn't even really envision. It got us thinking about some other ways to use this method and we wanted to share them. First, we ... Continue Reading »