Content Marketing for a Long Product Purchase Cycle

Purchase Cycle

Help people find you during the long product purchase cycle.

Many business owners don’t take the length of the product purchase cycle into account when marketing their products or services. They will often copy the marketing techniques of businesses with different purchase cycles, especially when it comes to online strategies. A company with a very long product purchase cycle such as a roofing company would not benefit from copying the techniques of a restaurant, which has an extremely short purchase cycle.

As a result of not paying attention to that purchase cycle, you could end up creating messages, pathways, and even calls to action for your visitors that don’t make much sense for a longer, more considered purchase. You can’t effectively market products with different purchase cycles using the same techniques because people think about them in substantially different ways.

Information for long purchase cycle products should be in-depth and informative.

There is probably no such thing as too much information you could give to potential customers for long purchase cycle products such as roofs, mattresses, cars, or houses. Business owners may fear that competitors will steal their ideas if they were to give away their secrets. In practice, however, it isn’t as likely as one would think. In most cases, especially in a service business, it is very hard to copy good service. There’s no need to be apprehensive about giving potential customers a detailed understanding of your long purchase cycle product and how it can solve their problems.

You have the opportunity to demonstrate to customers why your product is the best, why you are credible, and how choosing your product is a good long-term decision. By arming potential customers with detailed information about your product, they can become confident in making that long-term purchase. Whether entertaining or informative in tone, the focus should be on credibility and making sure the customer will seek out your business when the time comes.

Ultimately, business owners have a deep understanding of what their customers should know about their company, products, and services. By going through our 45 minute outline exercise, you will walk away with a list of 64 topics you can harness to make blog posts, videos, or podcasts. You really can’t go wrong in terms of getting a solid foundation of content that’s essential to your website.

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Many of our posts, but not all of them, are created using our Shortcut Blogging method

The Shortcut Blogging Method

Many of our posts, but not all of them, are created using the Shortcut Blogging method. Using the Shortcut method, we record an audio podcast, have the audio transcribed, then have the transcription written as a blog post. It's like magic. Our fingers never touch the keyboard.

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